Manufacturer of conveyor belts

ENERGOPIAST Sp. z o.o., based in Siechnice near Wrocław, is the exclusive importer and distributor of CONVI® brand conveyor belts. Our extensive product range includes various types of conveyor belts taking into account different customer needs. The factories of our suppliers have integrated management systems in line with ISO standards, and these companies also have specialised testing laboratories to confirm parameters of the conveyor belts on offer.

We maintain high and varied stock levels in the warehouse, allowing us to respond quickly to our customers’ requirements.

We have tapes with strengths from 250 to 1,400 N/mm. Standard widths of CONVI® conveyor belts start at 400 mm and go up to 2200 mm.

All our conveyor belts are manufactured in accordance with the current standards of EN ISO 14890 or DIN 22102 and EN 12882.

Range of maintenance services

We carry out all work on rubber conveyor components, in particular:

  • Bonding of fabric/rubber tapes using ” cold”, “hot” and mechanical splicing methods
  • Vulcanising side valances on conveyor belts
  • Silling of conveyor belts
  • Rubberising of drums for conveyor belts
  • Bonding rubber valances
  • Repairs to conveyor belts
  • Service of seals, scrapers and other rubber components
  • Rubber bonding of steel structures

Except that we make the following hot sills on tapes:

  • Simple
  • Guiding wedges
  • Herringbone split
  • Chevron
  • Salt/sand machine
General-purpose conveyor belts

As a manufacturer of conveyor belts that are used in all the most popular industries, we know exactly how important it is to ensure the smooth transport of materials as part of industrial process. Efficiency and performance of the equipment are hugely dependent on effectiveness and competitiveness of the company. We understand the needs of specific industries, which is why we offer an extensive selection of top-quality tapes that guarantee maximum durability even despite working in extreme conditions.

The general-purpose belts supplied by our company are products dedicated to mining industry, transport of agricultural crops, construction and cement industry, transport of aggregates, food processing or chemical industry, among others. As their name, these are universal conveyor belts, which, as a manufacturer and distributor, we offer at affordable prices and with fast delivery times.

This solution should not be used to transport products containing corrosive chemicals or grease, in which case we recommend high-quality, oil-resistant straps.

We will help you fit the right tape!

If a customer is unsure how to choose the right conveyor belts for their business, the manufacturer is there to support them. This is how we understand our mission, which is why we will provide all of you with comprehensive assistance in selecting solutions that are fully tailored to the conditions and type of transport being carried out.

Advantages of our conveyor belts

A wide range of universally applicable solutions is not all – as one of the market leaders, we make sure that each of our products meets the highest quality standards. That is why, as a conveyor belt manufacturer and long-standing supplier, we guarantee:

  • reliability of the products – all our products have necessary attests and quality certificates confirming their compliance with current standards,
  • affordable price/quality ratio for the proposed materials,
  • availability of all the most popular types – from EP 250 to EP 1400,
  • branded conveyor belts from 400 to 2200 mm wide,
  • support at every stage of the contract,
  • extensive, continuously updated stock.
Manufacturer of special-purpose conveyor belts

In addition to universal solutions for all the most popular industries, we also offer a wide range of CONVI special-purpose tapes. These are products designed to work in particularly demanding conditions, meeting the most exacting standards in terms of quality and safety. Responding to the individual needs of many industries, we offer, among other things:

  • CONVI TZ flame-retardant conveyor belts,
  • CONVI W tapes with improved abrasion resistance,
  • transversely stabilised CONVI XE straps,
  • a wide range of CONVI ELEV elevator belts,
  • tapes with the CHEVRON profile,

as well as oil- and grease-resistant CONVI MOR belts and the high-temperature HR series.

Silling of conveyor belts

We also offer specially shaped belts, which, thanks to presence of rubber sills, allow the loosened medium-grain product to be handled safely and efficiently. Profile shape and dimensions depend, among other things, on the angle of conveyor elevation, the type of material or required conveying capacity. We sell all the most popular types of sills, from straight cross profiles to classic herringbone to Chevron-type designs. Their shape and parameters are customisable.

Rubber valances and side valances also complement our product range. They are used when transporting bulk materials, protecting against spillage and product backflow. We offer a wide range of available rubber valances, as well as drivers.

Service and curing of conveyor belts

In order to fully meet the needs of customers who are interested in reliable conveyor belts, the manufacturer should provide a maximum range of services. That is why, in addition to selling off-the-shelf, universal and special-purpose conveyor belts, we provide comprehensive conveyor belt service and repair. Belt curing is carried out on site at the customer’s premises and in our well-equipped workshops. Each time we choose an appropriate method to rectify the defect, offering cold, hot, and mechanical bonding. All to minimise downtime, ensure maximum durability and smooth operation of your company’s transport systems.

As an experienced conveyor belt manufacturer, we would like you to benefit from our services. We provide comprehensive support in selecting right solutions, as well as emergency assistance. Please feel free to contact our office today to discuss detailed terms of cooperation!

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