Sheet metal processing and powder coating plant

Sheet metal processing

Cutting and sheet metal bending is a form of machining that is widely used in many industries. This is why we offer one of the most modern methods of sheet metal forming using top-of-the-range numerically controlled press brakes and guillotines. Use of this technology ensures high precision, minimises risk of error and maintains a range of tolerances on linear and angular bending dimensions.

Thanks to our machinery we are able to cut and bend sheets up to 6 mm thick and 6000 mm long

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Powder coating plant

The powder coating method is based on the use of electrified paint particles, which remain on the painted surface due to electrostatic forces. After application, the paint is then set with heat. This allows painted surfaces to be much more resistant to both mechanical damage as well as to impact of chemicals and external agents.

We provide powder coating services for steel, galvanised and aluminium components.

Our paint shop allows us to paint details of maximum:

  • length up to 6000 mm,
  • width up to 700 mm,
  • height up to 1200 mm

 Painting systems

Depending on your needs, our powder coating plant employs painting systems such as:

  • epoxy paints for interior use (protective and decorative),
  • epoxy-polyester paints – temperature-curing, with a high degree of chemical and mechanical resistance,
  • polyester paints – due to their high level of resistance to atmospheric conditions (moisture and UV rays), they are recommended for outdoor use.

We use RAL paints, which feature a wide range of colours and allows us to paint the details in any colour.

Thanks to an advanced surface preparation and painting process, we are able to produce a coating for the highest corrosive class C5 in accordance with PN-EN ISO 12944-2:2001

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Sandblasting of components

Sandblasting (abrasive blasting) is one of the most popular cleaning methods, which is used for different types of surfaces. Sandblasting is a technological process that uses a so-called abrasive for cleaning, which is ejected from the machine by means of compressed air or water

Machines called sandblasting machines are used to carry out the process. An abrasive material, on the other hand, can be several materials, e.g. sand, corundum, slag grit.

The effect you get after sandblasting with compressed air can be compared to sanding. However, by using an abrasive, a more even surface is obtained, which is ready for further processing immediately after the cleaning process. This is because sandblasting imparts necessary roughness, which, for example, improves paint adhesion.

Owing to high-class sandblasting machine, our qualified employees and our knowledge of the process, we are able to carry out sandblasting up to grade Sa 2 ½ according to the PN-ISO 8501-1 standard

This is the level of cleanliness considered sufficient before the application of anti-corrosion coatings and paints.


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