Acoustic silencers

An important part of ENERGOPIAST Sp. z o.o. product range are EPTA industrial acoustic silencers. These are products designed and supplied according to individual requirements defined by our customers where commercial serial solutions are not applicable.

The basic parameter of a meticulously designed silencer is its adequate attenuation chosen to match the frequency characteristics of the noise emitted by the source. In addition, hydraulic/fluid, strength and acoustic calculations and simulations allow solutions to be optimised in terms of other operating parameters, such as:

  • permissible flow resistance of the medium and its velocity;
  • selection of materials considering the resistance to the conditions in which the silencer is operated;
  • durability and preservation of acoustic performance over long periods of time
  • mechanical strength and fit to the noise source installation.

EPTA silencers have been used in many projects carried out by ENERGOPIAST Sp. z o.o. These include single and multi-stage, absorption and resonance, small and large-scale systems. They effectively reduce noise emissions in:

  • air intakes and flue gas outlets in power stations and combined heat and power plants,
  • air intakes and exhaust outlets of gas turbines and engines,
  • ventilation systems for industrial facilities,
  • industrial fans,
  • mine shaft ventilation systems,
  • fan and water coolers.


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