Acoustic panel systems

One of the most important elements widely used in noise protection projects are panels with appropriately selected acoustic parameters. ENERGOPIAST Sp. z o.o. offers an acoustic panel system with various insulation rates and high acoustic absorption:

  • EP-coustic 4010, 4315, 5023, 5535
  • Eco-coustic 3505, 3710, 3915


EP-coustic® acoustic panel system is primarily designed for the construction of medium-sized acoustic enclosures with the aim of achieving a high level of industrial noise reduction. Expertly designed panel construction using a double outer shell and vibration isolation, allows the required sound insulation for a wide frequency band (high Rw and DLR values) and acoustic absorption (sound absorption coefficient α) to be achieved.

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As standard, the panels are made of galvanised sheet metal and the outer face is protected against corrosion by powder coating; any RAL colour is available. On request, perforated surfaces are also protected in the same way, with the coating being applied after the perforation. Unlike other products on the market, this guarantees any corrosion protection class up to and including C5.

Design of the panels allows for special designs in other materials such as aluminium, stainless steel, PVC-coated sheets, etc.


Eco-coustic panel system was developed for small and medium-sized acoustic enclosures. However, it can be successfully used to design acoustic bench screens, process line covers, operator cabs, etc.

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Eco-coustic panels are characterised by slightly lower absorption and sound insulation values and less weight. The materials ensure, as with other products, high durability and aesthetic properties. Powder coating in any RAL colour is offered as standard, as is the case with EP-coustic system components.

EP-coustic 5023, 5535

Within EP-coustic­® system, complex multilayer systems of the 5023 and 5535 types are also made. They are used as part of projects where required level of noise reduction is remarkably high. They use panels with standard acoustic parameters and an additional system support structure, which allows the system to be fitted to standard supporting structures of buildings, halls, etc.

Such solutions are part of complex damping systems in which other noise reduction measures such as vibration isolators and elimination of vibration transmission, multi-stage damping systems in ventilation ducts and others are used in parallel.



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