Acoustic analyses and concepts, design office

A proper noise abatement should start with an acoustic analysis, both for large facilities, such as industrial plants or production areas inside industrial halls, and for individual machines or equipment. They enable noise reduction to be carefully planned both technically and economically.

⟹ Acoustic analysis involves collection and processing of noise data using specialised software that allows acoustic modelling and sound propagation simulations. The acoustic model enables determining the effect of individual devices on noise emissions at any point in the area under consideration, creating acoustic maps containing the isophones of sound propagation and defining requirements to reduce noise effectively. Implementation of acoustic safeguards in accordance with the acoustic concept makes it possible to compare the acoustic impact of a facility before and after their implementation.

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⟹ In order to offer clients a comprehensive service, it is necessary to ensure control over the design process. Multi-discipline vibro-acoustic protection designs are developed in our Design Office. Our experienced team of designers (mechanics, constructors, installers, acousticians and other specialists) cooperate with clients and take their expectations, recommendations and suggestions into account in their designs. This enables providing a product that is as tailored as possible to specific requirements. A typical/standard design process primarily involves:

  • preliminary designs and concepts
  • technical and construction projects
  • as-built documentation
  • other studies: technical and operational documentation, assembly documentation, quality documentation, etc.

The design office has modern CAD/CAM software to enable:

  • 3D modelling
  • strength calculations
  • acoustic modelling
  • optimisation
  • modelling of flows



We have authored numerous studies for various industries, facilities large and small, nationally and internationally, including:

  • heavy and light industry plants, steelworks, glassworks, mines;
  • power plants and combined heat and power plants;
  • compressor stations, mines and gas storage facilities;
  • oil pumping stations;
  • automotive plants;
  • cogeneration installations.


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